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Proven Technology

AUVS: Science, Experience and Innovation

Dr. Wayne Clark, a recognized expert in germicidal UV applications, developed the KR615 Counter-top UV Disinfection Device - commonly called The UV Box - specifically to address the spread of hospital associated infections in healthcare.

Dr. Clark and his team of electrical engineering, plasma physics and nuclear engineering PhDs developed The UV Box based on their technology which is currently protecting the US Pentagon from the threat of bio-terrorism.

Other industries, including Food Processing, Foodservice, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services, quickly responded to the technology citing it as a critically needed solution in their respective fields. 

The system is set for a 55-second disinfection cycle which effectively destroys the toughest contaminants: c. Diff and MRSA. Other problem contaminants and bacteria which challenge the food industry require a lower dosage than what the UV Box delivers.

Think Inside the Box - The UV Box
  • FDA Consulting Lab Tested

  • Proven in Demanding Hospital and Medical Environments

  • Our Patented UV Technology is Currently Protecting the United States Pentagon from Bio-terrorism

  • Durable

  • Affordable

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