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Easy & Green

Easy to Use - No Learning Curve
1. Wipe visible dirt, moisture or liquid residue from items to be disinfected.

TheUVBox-Rt4 Open Phone.png

2. Place items inside The UV Box without stacking or overlapping.

3. Close the door and turn the lock knob.

4. Press the red button to begin the 55-second disinfection cycle.

Green & Sustainable
The UV Box uses no consumables and creates no waste. Landfill dumping and costs related to wipes and other cleaning strategies are eliminated, making The UV Box not only a green solution but a completely sustainable environmental strategy.

Wipes with bleach solutions produce an offensive odor. Bleaches and similar disinfectants are hard on the skin and may be corrosive to mobile electronic device surfaces.

The UV Box produces no offensive odors; results in no discomfort for workers and poses no threat to equipment.

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